The myDay collection of bathroom accessories is the essence of dreams; of gentle and natural aesthetics that ensure a good mood. The essence of dreams; of an oasis of peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will grasp one's lifestyle. In the myDay collection large arcs and smooth forms come to the forefront and its design gives the bathroom a natural delicacy framed in elegance. At the same time, thanks to the flexibility of the composition, it is possible to individually select the interior equipment.

A smooth and elegant form for rooms characterized by natural delicacy. Characteristic ceramic design; gently rounded shapes with large radiuses; a variety of single, double and built-in washbasins. Big drain caps with a noble chrome rim for the washbasin, bidet, or bathtub. Various systems of space division in under-basin cabinets.

High quality glass plate on the asymmetrical under-basin cabinet. Furniture elements are equipped with a self-closing mechanism. A toilet and bidet with a raised ground clearance and a covered mounting system. The toilet seat visually complements the ceramic equipment of the bathroom and is available optionally with a soft-closing mechanism.

Basins and bidets with the patented Clou waste and overflow system or with gravity-fed drains. An original bag to store different things on the doors of a tall cabinet and various kinds of shelving. A large bathtub with an ambitious streamlined design typical of this series.

Illuminated mirror elements with a large radius and an illuminating frame. Guest toilet in a light style, typical of myDay. At the customer's request, we offer easy-to-clean KeraTect® glaze with a 30-year guarantee that ensures the consistent smoothness of the ceramic surface.


To ensure optimal support while designing the bathroom, you can download our product database that contains technical data, drawings, and product descriptions. You will also find an overview of all the products by Keramag Design.

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